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The Obvious

Supreme Vanilla Bean•Decadent Chocolate Chocolate• Vanilla Bing Cherry• Very Strawberry•Mint Chocolate Chunk•Vanilla Chocolate Chip

The Less Obvious

  • Oreo Crumble: Vanilla base ice cream with crushed cookies.. everywhere
  • Gotta Know It’s Cookie Dough: Vanilla swirled thru-out with homemade cookie dough
  • Phatter  Batter: Cake batter ice cream full of cake chunks and fresh buttercream icing
  • Pieces of Reese’s: Vanilla ladled with peanut butter and Reese’s Cups
  • Dark Side of the Moon: Chocolate ice cream with caramel & peanut butter & Reese’s Cups
  • U2 Crazy: Our delectable mint ice cream layered with fudge, crushed cookies, and M&Ms
  • Thunder Road: Chocolate ice cream paved with marshmallow sauce, cookie pieces and chocolate chips
  • Sympathy for the Devil: Chocolate ice cream with brownie chunks and fresh whipped buttercream icing
  • Mounds Abounds: Coconut ice cream with coconut flakes and chocolate chunk chips
  • Chunky Chiquita/ Chip: Bananas, bananas and more bananas- one version for the purists- another with chocolate chips loaded in
  • Orange Dream Sherbet: Tangy orange sherbet rippled with our classic Vanilla Bean ice cream
  • Cafe Olé: Yes! Real coffee of course!
  • Mississippi Mud Pie: Our classic coffee ice cream layered with fudge, crushed cookies & choc-chips
  • Positively Pumpkin: Spicy pumpkin ice cream accented with a dusting of cinnamon
  • Pretzel Logic: Salty caramel ice cream ...add fudge layer and dark and white chocolate pretzels
  • London Calling: Dulce de Leche ice cream CLASHing with caramel and Heath bar crunch
  • Cherry Chocolate Cordial:  Bing Cherry ice cream with cherries and chocolate chunks
  • Purple Rain: Sweet and sour black raspberry ice cream loaded with chocolate chips
  • Double Bubble: You got it! Bubble gum ice cream with bubble gum bits
  • Cherry Cheesecake: New York cheesecake ice cream topped with cherry compote and graham cracker crumbs


 If...You’re NUTS:


  • *Better Butter Pecan: Rich butter pecan ice cream bursting with luscious roasted pecans
  • *Boston Maple Walnut: Maple walnut ice cream rippled with maple syrup soaked walnuts
  • Pistachio: Subtle almond ice cream pops with “tons” of salted roasted pistachios
  • Sticky Fingers: Aptly named vanilla base boasting caramel+marshmallow+hard shell chocolate +CASHEWS!!

*may contain peanut oil




  • Apple Crumb: Chunky apple base with crunchy cinnamon streusel
  • Blondie: Butterscotch ice cream with chunks of decadent homemade Blondie
  • New Jersey Peach: When Jersey peaches ripen – we get to work!



Vanilla Caramel• Vanilla Bing Cherry(low sugar)•Vanilla Fudge Peanut Butter(low sugar)•Coffee• Mint Chocolate Chip• Chocolate-Chocolate Chip

*These ice creams are artificially sweetened with sorbitol,  manitol,  maltitol-which may or may not affect your stomach 😊🙁




Lemon•Cherry•Bing Cherry Bordeaux• Root Beer•Peach Mango•Blue Raspberry•Black Raspberry•Cotton Candy

With Dairy:

Vanilla•Vanilla Chocolate Chip•Oreo Creme• Peanut Butter Fudge (vanilla water-ice with ripple of peanut butter and fudge) • Chocolate • Chocolate-Chocolate Chip•Chocolate Peanut Butter Reeses•Banana•Mint Chocolate Chip•Coconut Chocolate Chip•Strawberry Daiquiri•Cappuccino (coffee) •Mocha Lua (Kahlua, coffee, chocolate chips)•Bailey’s Irish Creme•Pina Colada•Pumpkin